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journey back to Germany

Mittwoch, 12.11.2014

Hello my lovely readers,

Now my time in England is over. I had to say goodbye to all my friends, host family and CEO.

I couldn’t believe it that half a year England is over….

On my last day I had a real English breakfast again and a lovely afternoon with Jemma.

After dinner in the evening I was ready to say goodbye to my host family – a lot of tears were running.

Kelly (CEO) she has taken me up to the Bristol airport there I had a long night before me….

In the afternoon 13:35 German time I arrived in Munich and I couldn’t wait to get my luggage and see my proud dad.


Thanks for being interested about my stay in England I hope it was helpful for someone.

In my case: I took the risk – it turned out well – and I learned and got so much back from that experience.


Lovely greetings

Back from Germany


My last hours being in journey home is getting closer....

Sonntag, 09.11.2014

Hello my friends,

in a few hours my plane goes….

I can’t believe it that the time is here to say goodbye to all my lovely friends in England and go back to Germany….

I think I am looking forward to meeting my parents, boyfriend and friends. (with me and my boyfriend everything is fine he had a bad day the last time which made me concern)

-The last EC local meeting In Plymouth
-The last student meeting with TTPL  - getting my certificate
-The last crazy trip to London with Marina
-The last time being in Torquay
-The last time being in Paignton
- Saying goodbye to all the lovely people I have met here who inspired me

I have concerns regarding my luggage that it might be to heavy  - I can’t understand it I didn’t buy a lot and I have already sent 40 kg back….. wired….

I’ll keep you in touch how my journey was……

See you soon.


The Countdown starts....

Montag, 03.11.2014

Hello guys,

the countdown begins…

Only a few more days than I have to say goodbye to England and hello Germany.

You can’t imagine how my feelings are it’s like a rollercoaster up and down…. I can’t wait to see my parents and friends, but my relationship is in the sky!

I am scared what is going to happened – if I get a new job and where….- I have to give up my new routine and find a new one.

But the time will bring the answer ….

I hate waiting …..

Short review from last week.

On Friday the 31th of October was the Halloween student meeting. Topic this time was ghost tour at Kents Cavern….spooky….not really but it was fun.

PS: The Christmas decoration is now available. It looks fab!!

I’m going to inform you soon guys…


Bowling Session and an amazing weekend

Sonntag, 26.10.2014

Hi guys,

I am back and I can't wait to tell you about my fab week and weekend.

Thursday was the usual event - the student meetings of TTPL - so we've met all at the AMF Bowling centre in Torquay for having a go playing.
It was quite funny but I was always scared about my nails - women :D

Friday I was quite busy not because of my internship - I had a day off - I was busy with cooking and backing but I enjoyed it - so I continued with cooking on Saturday.

When I look back Saturday was a successful day. I invited Jemma and Marina for dinner, cake and Lumumba session - and we all enjoyed it. It was a great day with a lot of laughs.....

In the night from Saturday to Sunday we changed the clock for 1 hour back - so it made me quite confused - anyway - I had no time for a rest or for sleeping long I had to get ready in time for my trip to Somerset (normally) but.....

We changed plans - Rebecca and Nicola and my person we had in mind to go up to Somerset for watching a Rugby game of Rebecca’s boyfriend but in the morning a lot of bad incidences happened so at the end there was no point for going up to see the Rugby game - so we've changed our plans.

We went to Sheldon having something to drink and a nice walk along the beach with a photo session (Rebecca she is a photographer). AMAZING

Afterwards we decided to go to Exeter to me friends of Rebecca and Nicola and having another drink... It was really a nice idea I have never seen Exeter by night.

After a few hours in Exeter we went back to Torquay.


Inform you soon again.



A long journey in total (Bristol - Basingstoke)

Dienstag, 21.10.2014

Hi guys,

I hope you are alright?

I want to keep you informed about my life in England.

Normal people are really boring that is the reason why am I crazy - it isn't only me I can finde like-minded people like Marina.

We organised a crazy trip to Bristol - 1 day Bristol and back to Torquy which means 6 hours bus driving in total for only exploring Bristil in 11 hours. Anyway we've done it and that in a great tactic - start point was the Clifton Suspension Bridge and from there we followed the sightseeing signs.

We've seen the typical Bristil market, the Christmas Stepps, the Bristol Harbour and much more....

The end of the day we decided to have a few cocktails. - Long journey back to Torquay -> At the end of the day we were really tiered.

With a lot of energy and showerd we've went to Cockington. There was a special event on Sunday the Apple Festival which we thought it would be nice to have a look around. Actually it was really nice and the weather was great. Marina and I we were really pleased with this nice weather (a day before it was quite raining cats and dogs) so we managed to go on the English Riviera Wheel for having a ride before they are going into the winter breake.

You had the moste beautiful view on it of whole Torquay and the ocean. AMAZING.

But after that day with a lot of walking again I was KO - and I knew I had to prepare for my meeting in Basingstoke.

On Monday my next big and exciting journey to Basingstoke began - more than 4 hours traveling by train for one direction - ca. 8 hours in total on that day. Anywhy it makes no difference to me because I was really delighted of the meeting and the outcome and it was every singel penny worth for doing this trip. I'm really pleased.

I can't wait what I am going to do this week but I'll keep you informed.

PS: By the way I am still pleased with my internship I had quite really good challenges to do like creating the TIC Business video, etc,....

Here are some pics.

By guys.



Cockington - Apple Festival


English Riviera Wheel Torquay

train station Basingstoke

21 days left than I am going home.....


crazy activities

Montag, 13.10.2014

Hello guys,

I'll keep you up to date.

Last Thursday we had another student meeting (than usual) and for this event the topic was cinema. (thanks god for rain because normaly there would be a trip to Brixham)

We watched the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" - it was a lot of fun.

Afterwards and on Friday Marina and I we planned some activities for the weekend. We had in mind to go to Dartmouth and to do the Jurassic Coast Path.

Saturday morning I woke up fully motivated but after watching out of the window I was sink of the bloody rain. So Marina and I we thought about Plan B. Luckily after half an hour the weather changed and turned actually nice. We stopped being worried and started our trip to Dartmouth.

Dartmouth is really beautiful - small little shops and coffee's. We spent the hole afternoon there till we decided to go back. Sitting in the bus I came up with a really crazy idea - what about BBQ???

WHY NOT!!! - Marina and I we had BBQ with Nürnberger Bratwürtschtel and Christmas Songs in the garden of my host family. -> We are really crazy but it was a lot of fun unfortunately the Glühwein was missing - never mind the next time.....

Sunday morning Marina and I we met each other for our next trip to Teignmouth (we didn't do the Jurassic Coast Path) and afterwards we went into the cinema for watching another movie.

Now a new week has started I hope it is not going to be boring....
It would be because I have always something to do...

Catch up with you later guys.



lots of actions during the last 1 1/2 week

Mittwoch, 08.10.2014

Hello guys,

long time is it ago since I reported. - Sorry for that but at the moment I have to much things to do but I can promise it is going to get bette - hopefully the last month seems to fly.

Anyway I want to catch up with you guys what I have experienced so fare...

27.09.2014 - Marina, Sarah and I were on a trip to Exeter. We had a look around the Ramm museum and afterward we went shopping and of course we enjoyed an original English Cream Tea. -It's a must- :-)


01.10.2014 - This Wednesday was for me a special day - it was my last shift at my bar job. I'll miss the Ernie Lister Bar I have met a lot of different people and it was a great option additional to my internship to improve my English speaking.

It was auch the day where I had to say goodbye to Sarah the last Italien studendt of our big group from the beginning - but I'll promised I'll visit all of them

On Thursday was a student meeting again and we have played golf in Torquay. I'm rubbish in playing golf - it's not the kind of sport what I like :-)

Now I'm quite on track with all the happenings....

The last Saturday (04.10.2014) I went out with Marina for visition Totens - China Blue for painting porcelain - I had the opportunity to collect my old painting - lovely - but now I have to go back because I couldn't only watch Marina with the painting so I've painted another stuff

what cost the world .... it was a lot of fun :)

Afterwards we had a walk around Totnes city and than we went home.

I couldn't rest or sleep long on Sunday because I had to get up earlie for making myself ready for the model shooting.

The model shooting which was organised from the TTPL for the company Smashii was a lot of fun I can't wait to see the broschure and to get my backpack as a present for the hard work.

After the model shooting I arranged with Marina to go to Dartmouth - unfortunately I wasn't able to check the timetable proberly because on Sunday there was not bus connection .... anyway we changed our plans and stayed in Paignton.

Now a new week had started I'm looking forward to reporting you soon about my new experiences.

Take care my lovely readers


here are some pictures - enjoy it....

Dinner, Cockington and Birmingham

Dienstag, 23.09.2014

Hallo Guys,

I hope you are well?

I'm such delighted from my hole weekend.

On Friday it was sad because we had our last Italien dinner at Mandy's house.

Dafne and Luca left us on Sunday - now we are only a small student group.

But we'll be all in touch and friends for life.

Saturday was no day for having a rest I went straightaway in the morning to Cockington with Sarah and Marina. We had a lovely English Cream Tea together and a small tour of Cockington.

I had to hurry up after Cockington because it was time to go to Birmingham. The EC Convention was our agenda for the hole weekend.

This EC Convention changed my life and it inspired me so enormous.

Look at the pictures - Kelly and I we could get hold of VIP tickets - what a lucky it was for us

See you soon.



PS: Thank you Kelly and Julia for giving me the opportunity to attend the EC.

My London Trip

Dienstag, 16.09.2014

Hi guys,

I hope you are all fine!My weekend was amazing. I visited the first time in my life London and it was really amazing and overwehlming. I've seen so much in that short time of period it is crazy.

I don't want to text you so much I think pictures can tell more than words.

I've seen the following things:
Harry Potter Filmstudios, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Sealife, London Dungons, Realfood Market, Jubilee Garden, Oxford Street, Hippodrome Casino, Jubilee Bridge, King's Cross, Platform 9 3/4,Trafalgar Square, National Portrait Gallery, Buckingham Palace, St. James's Park, Harrods, Piccadily Circus
Before I started my trip to London I thought I'm getting lost or how should I cope with the underground system and I can say of my point of view I was a little bit scared but if I'm honest I didn't need to be so scared because the people are so helpful and you have lots of signs which tells you where you are and where do you have to go if you want to see a special attraction.

So my tip don't be scared - the underground system is easy going. :-)

Now here are some of my pictures. Enjoy it.



PARTY and more in TORQUAY

Montag, 08.09.2014

Hello my lovely readers,

I keep it short and simple.

On Thursday we visited the Rock Garden in Torquay to have one or two cocktails and have a good time together. Dafne, Luca, Simone, Sara, Marina, Kerstin Paula and myself were there.

On Friday we continued with the party time at PARKLANE after we said goodbye to Kerstin who left England.

All of us missed the last bus so we stayed till three o clock in Torquay and shared a taxi at the end. :-) Cool Beans. - Comment of Paula: We should miss the bus more often. :-) THATS TRUE

After a short night I made my way to Totnes - China Blue for painting and to have a look at the Dartington Crystal.

In total it was a beautiful day but I couldn't rest after I came home because my job in the bar was still waiting for me. :-)


Thats all for now - take care and I'll inform you soon.


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